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His green eyes flickered open, his eyelids heavy and his head pounding as though he had just woken up after a sleep that lasted weeks. The sound of someone opening a door and stepping out into the alley echoed near by as the blonde boy lay collapsed on the ground, his clothes still pulled in all different directions and his body covered in stale blood as the second man approached. He placed a large white bag in a bin, mumbling and groaning to himself until he saw the boy on the ground, pausing for a moment and nudging him with his foot, checking he was still alive.
The boy jumped…clearly disorientated he tried to pull himself back together, gripping at the bin for support as he head ached. The other male figure watched as the boys eyes started to widen, a strange crimson hue appearing under the skin around his eye sockets as beads of blood formed in his tear ducts.
“Boy? Are you ok? You’re eyes….they have no irises!”
The pain he felt was blinding, a pressure right between his eyes that drove him to scream…crying out as he felt someone grab his arm.


He jerked his arm away…blood filling his eyes as he called out for someone to help him. He couldn’t see through the blood, his irises had vanished, leaving behind two milky white eyes that soon ran the colour of blood.


He panicked, trying to find his way out of the alley but only stumbling and falling against the bin, screaming and writhing in pain.


Loki woke up in his bed with a start, cold sweat running down his back as he tried to catch his breath. Looking around, making sure he was safe in his room he sighed, 5 years later and he was still having the same dream…what the hell? He ran a lean hand through his bright blonde hair, moving his fringe away from his green eyes and taking another deep breath. That dream always left him in a state…the one about the night he was turned…it was still so vivid…

He pulled back his sheets, climbing out of bed and wandering down the hall to his bathroom. His flat was cold and dark, most of the curtains were drawn, he didn’t think it worth opening them anymore. The walls were cleaner in patches than others, almost like something had been cleaned from them recently and in a hurry; leaving an eerie feel about the place…secretes hidden which only the walls and their owner could divulge.
Splashing some cold water up onto his face Loki sighed again, looking up at himself in the mirror…he could almost swear his reflection was fading more and more over the years since he became a vampire. Thinking back to the old stories he used to hear about them when he was a boy he couldn’t help but worry that he was turning into a monster. Or was he already one? He thought to himself, maybe that’s why he was picked. Maybe that’s why he was deemed suitable to be given this chance to live on forever.

He smirked at his reflection, straightening himself up as it smirked back, he loved this new sense of power, feeling invincible, able to take on anything….he felt almighty as he took a step back from the sink, catching his foot on the bathroom rug and falling backwards in a daze….groaning as he hit the floor with a loud ‘almighty’ thud.


He reached for a glass from the cupboard, standing with it in his hand as he watched the water run from the tap in the kitchen sink. Mesmerized by the light catching it, his vampire eyes showing him all kinds of wonders he wouldn’t have noticed as a human.  He hated being reminded he was human once, looking back it was such a dull existence…but now things were different, watching the water fall made him smile and sigh happily. He lifted the glass, gripping it slightly as he felt over the surface but, not remembering his strength it shattered between his fingers. He hissed as he felt the glass cut into his skin, dropping the broken pieces onto the work top.
He just waited, within seconds the cuts had healed over and he placed his hand under the running water to wash off the still wet blood. Sighing again, he lifted the broken glass and tossed it into the bin, a bin which was already a quarter of the way full with similar broken glasses.

Taking a second glass out of the cupboard he filled it with fresh water, taking it over to a small plant that sat on his kitchen window sill. Smiling at he examined it, the tiny cactus was starting to bud again….

Just then he noticed an small envelope lying just in front of his door. It was an odd looking thing, didn’t look anything like a bill or statement, instead it looked like it was delivered by hand. Loki wandered over to it, picking it up and having a look. No stamp…and no other markings on it…expect for his name, etched on in very old looking handwriting. He tentatively opened it, taking care not to rip the contents as he pulled out a small, thin piece of paper, the same scrawl was written on it, saying nothing but two eerie words that rang out in Loki mind as he read them…

‘Remember me?’

His heart almost skipped a beat. Nothing else needed to be said, he knew who sent him this. Bugger.

k just a little more of Loki's story lol
i'm just writting it in wee bit right now til i find my feet again yadda yadda...
hopefully the more i write the longer the pieces i submit will be lol

also sorry if i still sound rusty, im very tired...i'm going to sleep i swear....hungry! again!! :XD: i'm so bad to myself lol
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RealDandy Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2009   Digital Artist
Very nicely written....Fav!
Dreamsofperhaps Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2009  Student Photographer
does it have anything to do with this pic of yours? the realy amazing one?


if it does, you should link it into your author's comments

btw, happy groundhog day!
x--LoveLikeCyanide Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
This started out very chilling
The way the beginning is almost confusing really speaks for the story
Puts you in mind of a dream :]
and I love how you added a bit of hilarity
and :highfive: on the cliffhanger :D
I'm curious.
Syra-728 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
OOOOoooo.... So epically creepy X3 Imagining him all bloody with milky white eyes *shiver*
Em-j-akahana Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
glad you're enjoying it sweety ^^
nasaru Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2009   Writer
that...seems like my lifestyle XD
PianoxLullaby Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2009  Student General Artist
I really love to read your writing. <3
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