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She hummed to herself as she walked home; her long black hair and dark jacket almost concealed her in the night. Her headphones drowned out most of the noise around her so when a young man stopped her she yelped in fright.

“Oh! Sorry.”

She smiled politely as she moved to let him past but when he didn’t move she timidly moved past him. Loki grinned, grabbing her arm and pulling her back, making sure to cover her mouth in case she screamed. He hissed as he hovered over her face, holding his lips just above her skin he brushed her hair away…smiling at her terrified eyes. He moved sensually down to her neck while his hands moved over her hips, bringing his own closer. She whimpered as she felt his breath reach her throat, her heartbeat driving him mad. He could almost taste her, his pulse racing, his body quaking, his hunger screaming…


Loki growled as his meal was interrupted. Glaring up at whom ever the voice belonged to…only to be surprised to see it was Cid. The girl saw her chance and broke free, fleeing to Cid’s side, grabbing his arm.

“Is this guy harassing you Miss?”

He asked, looking down at her as she cowered next to him.

“Yes! I think he was trying to rape me!”

She shouted hysterically as he kept her eyes on Loki, who was now glaring at them both. Cid took her hand off his arm gently, speaking to her in a calm and reassuring voice.

“Go on your way Miss, I’ll take care of him.”

She looked up at him, her expression of silent awe almost making Loki sick as he watched his meal slowly slip away, he sighed loudly making Cid glance at him for a moment before repeating,

“Go home Miss. Don’t take anymore back roads.”

She nodded, brushing his arm one last time before thanking him and running back towards the car park. Loki waited until she was out of sight before commenting,

“What? So do you think you’re a bloody hero now?”

Cid looked back towards him. Loki looked more than just upset…he was twitchy.

“I warned you, I told you I wouldn’t be able to just let you kill her. I’m sorry.”

He moved closer, keeping his eye on Loki, watching as his fingers tapped on his belt creating an eerie noise in the pitch-black lane. As Loki spoke his voice sounded jerky, jittery…like he was high on a rush of sugar or just denied the drug he was addicted to.

“I need…I needed her, Cid. You had no right!”

Cid looked at him concerned,

“It’s ok, you can get someone later…I just couldn’t let you while I knew…”

“No Cid…I needed her…I needed her now…I wanted her, I was so close…I…I…”

“Whoa…Kelly it’s ok.”

He moved even closer, resting a hand on Loki’s shoulder as he watched him with a worried expression. He had never seen Loki like this before. It troubled him.

“Here…take mine.”

He added as he held his wrist out offering his friend his own blood. Loki glanced at his wrist, the sight of his veins almost making him moan and crumble. He held himself back, looking at Cid in disbelief.

“I can’t!”

“Why not?”

He lifted his wrist closer to Loki’s lips, tempting him to break as he persisted.

“Take it, seriously! If you need it it’s o…”


Loki screamed as he forced Cid’s wrist away, pushing him back with such force it nearly knocked him clean off his feet.  

“You don’t understand how this works! I can’t just take a little…if I feed from you I wont stop until I’ve killed you!”

His growling voice thundered through out the tiny lane, booming at first then breaking off into despair. Cid caught his balance, watching back at Loki, feeling for his friend as he watched this…’thing’ torment him. This curse ripping him apart, turning him slowly mad. He moved back over to his side, reaching for his shoulder and pulling him in…sighing quietly.

“What have you done to yourself Kelly?”

He asked as he stroked Loki’s hair, trying to calm him down or at least stop him shaking.

“This isn’t a good thing you’ve accepted, listen to yourself…it’s slowly devouring you, it’s taking you over.”

“It’s fine. I’m fine”

Loki sounded agitated as he pushed himself away, brushing his hair back from his milky face. Cid never once took his eyes from him,

“You don’t sound fine. I’m worried for you…I really am…I’m scared I’m loosing the Kelly I knew, I grew up with.”

“This is why I need you!”

Loki interrupted. The desperate tone returning to his voice,

“Let me turn you. You can keep me sane…keep me human. I won’t have to watch as you grow old with out me…I won’t have to watch as you turn frail and die…I wont be alone…”

Finally, Cid let his eyes fall from Loki, resting his gaze on the ground,

“I couldn’t Kelly. Not after seeing what it’s doing to you. I don’t know how helpful I would be in keeping you human if I wasn’t human myself.”

He looked back up,

“It looks like torture.”

“It…sometimes feels like torture…heh…”

Loki tried to laugh as he said this in an attempt to lighten the mood but he could hear himself how forced it sounded. Cid just nodded,

“Alright, I’m going home. Like I said, I have a problem with you killing if I know you’re doing it…but…I wont say another word. Just…be safe…”

He placed his hands in his pockets and started to head back in the direction he came from knowing that he would just be getting in the way if he stayed. Loki smiled, seeing what he was doing.

“Thanks…you mushy bastard!”

He called after him watching him walk away. Cid just smiled to himself, calling back with out turning round.

“I’ll be checking up on you tomorrow so behave!”


Loki ran to catch up with him, mimicking Cid by putting his own hands in his pockets.

“I’ll walk you out the car park and start heading back home, not going to find anyone down here.”

“Heh heh…alright then.”

Cid smiled as they walked peering at Loki through the corner of his eyes,

“You’re an odd one you are…and this vampire thing is just making you stranger.”

“Come on…you know I’m just the same guy at heart.”

Loki grinned at him as they wandered out into the car park, the light from the street lamps highlighting their faces again.

“Hmm…sometimes. I’m going to have to keep my eye on you. Right I’m really going home this time so you! Fuck off!”

“Hahaha!! Yeah you too. See you later.”

The two laughed as they parted ways, Loki wandering back up the main street…feeling the faint tug of his hunger play on his mind, jab at his body…it started to ache a little. He preyed that someone would cross him, that he would find someone near by, anyone. Just anything to take this hunger away…that’s when he sensed something…he paused for a moment, trying to figure out the person’s where abouts.
His eyes widened however, it wasn’t a human he had found…it was another vampire. Another…two vampires? No, it couldn’t be. The second vampire he sensed was faint; barely even readable as a vampire…it was intriguing to say the least. He had never met another vampire before besides the one that had turned him…making him think back to that letter he received the other day. Could it be him? He turned and ran across the street.

He was going to find out.

ramble ramble ramble

should be working!
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